Creating a Vision for Onondaga County

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The Plan Onondaga County Comprehensive Plan was developed – from the ground up – to define a vision and goals for community success that includes the shared needs, goals and challenges of each of our municipalities, and facilitates a pathway to implement positive growth and change. 


The planning process focused on the importance of and linkages between community engagement, quality of life and economic development, and explored 5 thematic areas as a framework for community-based planning and impactful projects. 


Please explore our story and offer your ideas and input for our shared vision.

  • Involve our 34 towns and villages and the City of Syracuse
  • Build local relationships and advocacy for good planning
  • Improve equity and inclusivity in planning
  • Engage citizens in community change
  • Strengthen places and guide community change
  • Work to improve quality of life now, for everyone
  • Attract new growth by creating places of choice
  • Invest in community amenities and placemaking
  • Strategic investments in quality public infrastructure
  • Leverage our natural and community assets
  • Foster attractive communities to grow and invest
  • Create a structure around which localities can plan and
            grow in an orderly fashion

The following themes give structure and guidance to Plan On.

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Vibrant, walkable centers increase our quality of life and strengthen the economies of local communities.

To retain as well as attract future residents, housing within the county needs to be affordable, efficient, diverse, and attractive.

Enhancing access and options to move people throughout the county.

Providing unique opportunities for recreation, wildlife habitat, and ecological protection.

Ensuring agriculture is a viable and integral part of our economy and a defining characteristic of our landscape and identity.

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Use our interactive StoryMap to explore the themes included in Plan Onondaga.

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